Tidbyt for Teams: Getting Started
Tidbyt for Teams: Getting Started

Tidbyt for Teams: Getting Started

Please reach out to teams@tidbyt.com for any questions.

Creating your Organization

The first step will be to setup your organization in your Teams Portal. Head over to https://portal.tidbyt.com and sign in with your Tidbyt account.

Your organization will be private to you and the people that you invite to it. Custom built apps and other information is not accessible by anyone else outside of your organization.


Inviting new members

Adding members to your organization is done by sending them an invite. You can either choose to invite an existing Tidbyt user or ask them to create a new Tidbyt account to join your organization.

Inviting existing Tidbyt users

Note: If you are trying out Tidbyt for Teams, this is probably what you want to do

Inviting existing Tidbyt users lets you quickly get new members up and running in your organization. You will need to know what email they used when setting up their Tidbyt.

In the Teams tab, click the Invite members, and enter the email of an existing Tidbyt user you want to invite as a member.


You can also set roles of the new users, currently only Administrator and Member are available as options. Administrators are allowed to modify the organization and invite new members to join.

The user will get an email with a link to join your organization. Once they clicked the link and authenticated with their Tidbyt account, they are all set!

Create new Tidbyt accounts for your Org

This process is exactly the same as inviting existing users as members in your organization.

The difference here is that users will be asked to reset their device and signup with the email address you send the invite to. This is useful to ensure that all Tidbyts in your organization is signed up with their work email, as an example.

Once they have signed up with their new account, they will be logged in to the portal. If they already have their Tidbyt setup with the email you invited them on, they will be good to go.


If they already have a Tidbyt setup on another account, they will be notified that no Tidbyt is associated with their account and given instructions on how to reset their device to join your organization.

Clicking the “I’ve already setup my Tidbyt” will provide instructions on what they need to do.




Note: You need to have permissions to install Apps in your Slack Workspace to use this feature

To connect Slack to your organization, simply click the button under the Slack tab.



To send messages and emojis to your team, simply use the /tidbyt command. By default, /tidbyt will send your message to all users in your Slack Workspace. The command also supports groups, channels and direct messages.

/tidbyt @sales Amazing folks! 🎉🎊
/tidbyt #marketing Awesome work on that campaign ❤️
/tidbyt @pam Time for 🇸🇪🍕


Similarly, you can use the /gifbyt command to send GIFs to everyone, groups, channels or individuals.

Web composer

Coming soon

This feature will launch soon, reach out to teams@tidbyt.com to get early access.

You can also use the Messages app to compose any message and send it to all Tidbyts. Please see the next section for an example.


App Management

The Apps tab allows you to select and install Apps across all Tidbyts in your organization. This includes the entire library of Apps available for the Tidbyt as well as your private apps developed in-house that is only available to your organization.


Each app that you add is configurable. As shown above, you can easily add the Message app and add your own custom message. You can add the same app multiple times.

Private Apps

Under the Developer tab you can create and add your own Apps that is private to your organization. These apps will not be visible or usable by anyone outside of it.

More instructions on how to create and add private apps is found under the Developer tab.