Tidbyt CMS Editor


The Tidbyt CMS Editor can be used to create custom graphics for the Tidbyt display. It supports adding text, changing colors, adding an icon, and more. Try it out at cms.tidbyt.com:

How To

Reset the editor

Want to start from scratch? Click Reset to reset the Tidbyt CMS Editor to the default state.

Save/open config

The editor supports saving your input to use as a starting point the next time you want to create graphics for Tidbyt. By clicking Save Config, you should see a download begin to your downloads folder with a name similar to: config-1684955479380.json.

You can then open the config using the Open Config button to use the saved form input as a starting point for your next graphic.

Export an image

When you are satisfied with the resulting graphic, click Export Image. You should see a download with a name similar to tidbyt-preview-1684955719342.gif in your downloads folder. Here is an example image that has been exported:


Add a logo

To add a logo, click Upload Image under the Logo section. For best results, use a PNG image with a resolution of 16x18. Here is a the demo bell for reference:



If for some reason you experience an issue, first try refreshing the page. If you continue experiencing issues please reach out to support@tidbyt.com or directly to your business contact.