Change the brightness

Here are a few different ways to control the brightness of your Tidbyt's display.

Open the brightness menu

To get to the brightness menu, tap the ⚙ icon. The brightness menu will be the first tab.


Peak brightness

The peak brightness controls the maximum brightness the display will ever be. We here at Tidbyt typically keep our brightness set at 20.

If your device is in a sunny room, you may want to increase the brightness for better visibility.
If you keep your Tidbyt in a darker room, keeping the brightness set to a lower value will be more pleasant.

Dim at sunset

Turn this on to gradually reduce the brightness of your display as the sun sets.


Night mode

Turn on night mode for a better experience at night.

Night mode will make your Tidbyt's display very dim so it doesn't bother you if you're sleeping. It will also disable all applets and just show a simple clock instead, in case you wake up at night and want to check the time.